Oh, the Humanity! Blimp Turns Into Fireball


A blimp hovering near the U.S. Open golf tournament did its very best impression of the Hindenburg by crashing right out of the sky after catching on fire, reports American Military News.

The blimp, reportedly operated by advertising company AirSign and carrying a PenFed Credit Union banner, deflated and caught fire in the air near the nationally televised tournament being played in Erin Hills, Wisconsin.

The crash was caught on video.


Take a look at the footage below, filmed by a local witness and posted to Twitter:

“The blimp crash was far from the course but the smoke that rose above the trees afterwards was terrifying,” Twitter user Mike Hall reported.

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WDJT reports that the pilot was seriously injured. Despite some witness reports, TMZ Sports said the pilot did not parachute out of the blimp, but went down with the craft.

“When emergency responders got to the blimp, they found the pilot and determined he went down with the blimp. He’s alive — and suffered burns and injuries to his back and neck,” TMZ reported.

It has also been reported reported that there were no other injuries.

It’s a miracle that he survived the drop — even with serious injuries. The blimp went up in a horrendous fireball.


Hopefully, the pilot will eventually make a full recovery.

Multiple sources report that the cause behind the tragic accident is still being investigated.

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H/T: conservativetribune.com

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