Punk Disrespects Police Woman, He Learns A Lesson When Her Partner Showed Up [Video]

A kind of funny video about a situation between a teenager punk and a police officer has gone viral these days. Namely, the police officer was a woman who was disregarded by this young man and the funny situation suddenly was not so funny when her partner showed up.

It all started when the policewoman pulled over the young man for riding a bike on the sidewalk in Merced, California. Considering that taxpayers are paying unreasonably high bills for bike lines in the road, driving a bike on a sidewalk is now illegal.

After being stopped the young punk was asked for his ID- and this is when the trouble begun. In fact, the policewoman was smaller in stature and due to this the punk decided to ignore her orders and he even tried to escape.

This was followed by a small argument between them and during this time the lady officer had really hard time apprehending the man, but things drastically changed after a backup officer showed up to intervene. However, this officer was not in a mood for putting up with this punk’s crap.

“Do you hear her talking to you? Do you hear her talking to you?” the officer asked while putting his hands around the punk’s throat. This is when the situation stopped being funny and became stressful instead.

Shortly after, the man was detained, but many share the opinion that this entire situation could have been easily avoided. Even though this bicyclist thought he was not doing anything wrong, he was in fact disobeying the law. We are all aware that “ignorance isn’t an excuse.” It is obvious that this guy would have probably gotten out with a warning if he was just well-mannered and cooperative with the lady cop. If she could check his identity and make sure that he does not have any criminal record, she would have let him go after updating him that bikes are no longer allowed on the sidewalk.

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Considering the fact that the contemporary society is consisted of spoiled brats and whiners who do whatever they want to, this young man probably ended up receiving a charge for resisting police.

Therefore, let us give you a tip- always be respectful and good-mannered, especially if you are talking to a police officer. At the end of the day, if a cop did something wrong you can always file a complaint.

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